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Welcome to the Wikimemia Wiki!

This wiki is the ULTIMATE resource for all memes on the internet, along with meme websites and animated memes. Anyone who adds unfamiliar memes or memes that aren't real, will be blocked for 1 day, and if they do it 3 more times, they will be blocked. HOWEVER, if you want to add a page you believe is a meme, but you're not sure, ask an admin! Don't add unconfirmed origins. If you are not sure of where a meme originated, just state the earliest appearance of said meme.

What are memes?

Memes are popular themes, songs, sayings pictures, faces or jokes widespread acrouss the internet. Rage Faces are mostly used in Rage Comics. Rage Faces include the Trollfaces, Challenge Accepted Guy, Rage Guy, NO., and many more!

Here are some images if you aren't familiar with those memes!


If you want to edit a page, ask an admin, or a Wikimemia staff member, to unblock the page of your choosing. This may be declined, however if the page is in it's final draft state. If your request is declined, and you were just going to fix a few errors, just ask Buckyfan99. You are free to create a page. However: If this page is deleted, it is because the page was a "forced meme" or a meme that had no spread.

What's New!

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