The Troll Song02:42

The Troll Song




The Very First Use Of Trollface.

Trollface is a very popular meme, used mostly when someone is trolling. It originated from a post by a user named "Whynne" on DeviantART.


On 9/19/08, a DeviantART user named "Whynne" posted a 6 panel comic "What trolls want you to believe" The notable "Trollface" in the image qucikly spread to 4chan, and then to other sites.


  • Someone, claming to be Whynne, tried to get some Trollface memes on Reddit removed.
  • Trollface has also been called "Coolface" and "Problem?"
  • Apparently, Whynne was trying to draw a comic character named "Rape Rodent"
  • Trollface is easily the most popular Rage Comic character.

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