Me Gusta

The "Me Gusta" face.

Me Gusta Mucho

The "Me Gusto Mucho" face.

No Me Gusta

The "No Me Gusta" face.

Me Gusta is a Rage Comics character. It is used to show disturbing pleasure. It was created by Matt Oswald. Matt uploaded "Me Gusta" to Reddit and 4chan on March 18, 2010.


"Me Gusta" is used to show someone to pleased yet disturbed at the same time. The face has been modified to make two other variations, "Me Gusta Mucho" and "No Me Gusta"

Me Gusta Mucho

"Me Gusta Mucho" is a slightly modified version of the "Me Gusta" face. The face has a large smile, unlike the "poker face" look of the original "Me Gusta"

No Me Gusta 

"No Me Gusta" is used to show an awkward dislike of something, unlike it's two counterparts, Me Gusta and Me Gusta Mucho, which are used to show pleasantness and disturbed behavoir at the same time.

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