Eddsworld is an animated internet series that began in 2004. The series' main characters are Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord. (Tord left in 2008, during the episode 25ft Under the Sea)


Eddsworld's first video was named "Edd Again", which was uploaded to Newgrounds on April 24, 2004. Eddsworld did not achieve much fame until "The Dudette Next Door", as stated on Eddsworld's DeviantArt account.

Death of Edd Gould

Eddsworld's creator, Edd Gould, died on March 25, 2012 due to lukemia. Eddsworld did not end, as Edd Gould wanted. Before he died, Edd Gould and Thomas Ridgewell had not made any specific plans about Eddsworld's future.


  • Thomas Ridgewell (better known as TomSka, the creator of asdf movies) became in charge of Eddsworld after Gould's death.

Video Gallery

Eddsworld The Snogre

Eddsworld The Snogre

Eddsworld - Hammer & Fail

Eddsworld - Hammer & Fail