Advice Dog is the first Advice Animal, and overall cloned by many other memes, Like Bad Advice Cat. Advice Dog gives terrible advice, which usually makes you laugh in the long run.


The original blank template originates from a Mario fan-site, The Mushroom Kingdom, forum thread titled “Guide to Kissing”. The thread was posted by user Mariko who talked about his desire to take a role in his school’s upcoming play, "The Diary of Anne Frank", so he could play the role of a boy who is involved in a kiss. Mariko said he wanted to do this because he had "never kissed a girl before." In the thread, Mariko asked for recollections, personal experiences and advice.

Among several replies citing each of the poster’s poor experience with relationships, user TEM, real name, Evan Herrington, posted the first reply of “Just do it, man.”. As reply #21, posted the original picture of his dog’s, Boba Fett (named after the character from the star wars universe) head on the color wheel background now would confirm in the same thread that he created the image of his dog with reply #26: “I made the picture. That’s my dog Boba Fett. After I had made it I said the almost exact same thing as IS.”


  • This is the first Advice Animal, and has spawned many copies and spin-offs.